listing paragraph

Let us now carefully see the listing paragraph given below.
Last Eid Shopping
I, as usual, enjoyed the last Eid shopping as I visited different markets and bought dresses for myself and the other members of my family. Firstly, I together with my mother went to New Market and bought two attractive dresses for my younger sister. Then we went to Gowsia Market, visited three shops, and bought a very nice dress for my mother. After that, we went to Elephant Road, visited several shops, and bought two Punjabis — one for me and one for my father. Besides, we bought a fine dress for our maid servant. Finally, we went to Eastern Plaza, and purchased some cosmetics for my mother, sister and the maid servant. The last Eid shopping was really a happy experience to me.

5. Classification: To develop a paragraph by the technique of classification, we put a host of ideas or items into a limited number of homogeneous classes. In such a paragraph, the topic sentence clearly and precisely breaks the subject or topic up into more than one part.

Consisting of the same or similar ideas or items. Then the developers describe or explain each of the parts separately and elaborately, and show how the parts relate to the subject and how they relate to each other.

This type of paragraph is developed on such topics as ‘Transports in Bangladesh’, ‘Literary Works’, ‘Films’, and the like. This strategy of developing paragraphs helps us discuss things classwise in detail in a systematic way. Now let us study this classification paragraph:


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