paragraph developed by Contrast

Now let us study the following paragraph developed by Contrast.
Rural Life and Urban Life
Rural life and urban life have many, common sides, but differences between them are greater. Rural people do not have adequate educational and medical facilities. They do not enjoy the modem facilities. provided by electricity and gas. The village people also have very limited scopes of entertainments. Besides, they face problems with their communication network. On the other hand, the urban people enjoy a lot of educational and medical facilities. They have electricity and gas, and then lead a very comfortable life. The people in towns and cities also have many ways of entertainments such as parks, cinemas, cable televisions, and so forth. Moreover, they enjoy a smooth and easy communication, system. Thus rural life is deprived of modem facilities whereas urban life is as modem as enjoyable.

4. Listing: To develop a paragraph through the listing strategy, we have to describe or state several items, or states, or actions related to a given topic or subject. In other words, in such a paragraph, the aspects of a subject are dealt with one after one by using such transitional words as ‘firstly, secondly, thirdly, finally’, or ‘first, next, after wards, lastly’ and so on.

The technique of listing helps us avoid something looking like a list of items, for instance, a shopping list, a menu, etc, and develop paragraphs in a smooth and effective manner. This technique applies to such topics as ‘Last Eid Shopping’ ‘Black African Nations’ ‘Muslim Countries’, ‘Religions in Bangladesh’ and the like.


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