Techniques of Development

To develop paragraphs we can use varied techniques according to the type and nature of paragraphs. Let us now look at the techniques one by one:

1. Definition: To develop a paragraph through definition, we define, describe, or explain a less familiar or unfamiliar subject by relating it to some familiar subject. Ina paragraph being developed by definition, the topic sentence functions as the basic definition. The subsequent sentences functioning as developers detail, explain, and/or elaborate on the various aspects of the particular definition. And to perform their role the developers can employ the techniques of comparison, contrast and synthesis. The technique of comparison helps show the similarities between the familiar and the unfamiliar subject. On the other hand, the technique of contrast reveals the dissimilarities between the unknown and the known subject. But the technique of synthesis brings together both the similarities and the Basic English Language Skills dissimilarities between the known and the unknown subject, and develops a novel idea or concept. The three techniques can work individually or in combination. Finally, the conclusive sentence of the paragraph usually sums up the salient features of the subject on which the paragraph is being written.

Here this paragraph (printed just above) is an example of the paragraph developed by the techniques of definition. The technique of definition is generally used for writing paragraphs on such topics as ‘Photosynthesis’, ‘Novels’ ‘Poetry’, ‘Drama’, ‘Triage-Comedy’, and the like. That is, to make clear the meaning of a term, genre, subject, notion, or concept, this technique is exploited.

2. Comparison: To develop a paragraph by the technique of comparison, we compare the similar characteristics of different subjects and thus describe one subject more elaborately. In such a paragraph, the topic sentence shows how we are comparing the features or qualities of two subjects. To use this technique, we can have two procedures:

In a procedure, we can compare two subjects point by point. In other words, one aspect related to a subject alternates with an aspect of the other subject.

In the other procedure, all the qualities of a subject are stated first, and then come all the qualities of the other subject.

However, we should avoid comparing things in very many ways, because this might cause unavoidable complexities. By using the technique of comparison, paragraphs are developed on such topics as ‘Drama and Novel’, ‘City Life and Village Life’, ‘Paragraphs and Essays’, and the like.


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