A paragraph is a basic unit of composition. It can be an independent piece of writing, or part of a longer composition, and so on. Therefore, a paragraph is a well-calculated and well-organised piece of writing that the writer produces with care and skills.

A paragraph is firstly concentrated on a specific topic or subject matter. Secondly, it must have cohesion between its linguistic elements. Thirdly, it has to have coherence between the meanings of the sentences it consists of. That is to say, a good paragraph has a clear focus and a logical organization of ideas presented through sentences.
As ‘the name suggests, a paragraph is written in a single paragraph. Though the size or the number of sentences hardly matters, a paragraph usually consists of three to fifteen sentences, or it is written in fifty to one hundred and fifty words. However, the writer has to be careful of presenting his/her ideas with necessary details, relevant facts, essential examples, and useful explanations followed by impartial judgments, calculated comments, and/or productive suggestions.
To consider the functions of paragraphs, we find that paragraphs:
(a) describe objects, such as ‘Our College’, ‘My Favourite Person’, ‘An Examination Hall’, etc.,
(b) explain something, such as ‘Benefits of Morning walk’, Effects of Internet’, ‘Causes of Traffic Tams’, etc., and Paragraphs: Introduction
(c) narrate some event, action, or state, such as ‘A Happy Experience’, ‘Meeting an Old Friend’, ‘Being Cheated by a Relative’, etc.

Hence, to write a well-developed and well-organized paragraph, we should consider these factors:
(a) stating a clear, central and specific idea about the subject or topic concerned,
(b) developing the specific idea about the topic by employing essential and adequate examples, explanations, facts, etc,
(c) connecting the idea with the supporting details in a sound and systematic manner,
(d) maintaining cohesion in a strict way,
(e) being careful of choosing words and phrases,
(f) using correct sentences,
(g) being sure of using correct mechanics and punctuation,
(h) concluding the paragraph in a logical and psychologically satisfactory manner comprising judgements, comments, and/or suggestions, and always keeping in mind the taste and interest of the target reader.


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