paragraph developed by comparison.

Now let us examine the following paragraph developed by comparison.
A Baby and an Old Person

Though a baby and an old person are very different in point of age and experience, they are much similar in respect of physical ability, mental strength and economic condition. A baby is physically immature and depends on the adults around him/her for physical movement. Similarly, an old person may be very weak and depend on others for his/her movement. Again, a baby possesses a little mental strength and can hardly exercise it. Likewise, an old person lacks mental strength and can hardly cope with mental pressure. Finally, a baby has to depend on his/her parents for all financial support. An old person, too, often depends, on. his/her sons and daughters for economic assistance. Thus, a baby and an old person have much in common, though the former has just come to this world and the latter is about to pass away.

3. Contrast: To develop a paragraph by contrast we have to show how two subjects differ from each other. That is, a contrast paragraph’ compares the dissimilar features or qualities that two subjects have. And the topic sentence in such a paragraph indicates how we are comparing the contrasting aspects of two subjects.

This type of paragraph permits two different procedures to be developed:
(a) In a procedure, the dissimilar respects of two subject are compared point by point, that is, one of one subject and one of the other, again one of one subject and one of the other, and so on.
(b) In the second procedure, the comparison of the dissimilar aspects is made subject wise. That is, the aspects related to the first subject are dealt with first, and then the aspects of the second subject.


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