The Life of a Fisherman

A fisherman is an individual whose work is to catch fish in the ponds, canals and even in rivers and sell then in the local markets. His main profession is to earn his living by catching and selling fish. He even ventures to the sea in groups by trawlers for the reason. He has to lead a hardscrabble life as his daily income is very meagre. The fishermen form a community by themselves. Some fishermen live on the seashore and catch fish in the sea, while others live near the rivers at the high time of rainy season. Again some return to village for repairing fishing nets and boats. A fisherman does not know many things happening around him. He keeps himself busy in fishing lines. He does not care the other side of life. He is free from the peaks and troughs of urban life. His joy knows no bounds when he catches a lot of fish. But a fisherman has to face many challenges including maritime disasters. He has to maintain weather warnings. Sometimes, his life is faced with instant death in the grip of inclement weather when the sea becomes rough. The government should provide fishermen with some certain benefits including easy and relaxed term loans.


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