Transports in Bangladesh

To carry people and goods, two types of transport-traditional and modern are used in Bangladesh. The traditional transports include bicycles, boats, steamers, carriages, etc. Rickshaws are the main vehicles in upazila towns and also found in district and divisional towns in a great member. Bicycles are usually used in the villages having very poor communication facilities. Carriages pulled by horses or cows are frequently seen in rural areas. And steamers and boats are the very common transports plying in rivers and canals. On the other hand, the modern transports comprise trains, buses, taxis, planes, trucks and so on. Trains move in almost all the regions in Bangladesh and are very popular means of communication. Buses are very common passenger transports in towns and cities. Taxis are now increasingly used in towns. Trucks are the commonest means of carrying goods from one place to another in Bangladesh. Planes ply both the internal and, external routes of Bangladesh. Thus, the traditional and the modem transports are complementary to each other in the communication system of ‘Bangladesh.

6. Examples: To develop a paragraph by the technique of examples, we describe or elaborate on the topic sentence through some example sentences and thus reach the conclusive statement. The example sentences are here closely related to the topic sentence. Hence, an example paragraph resembles a listing paragraph, especially in point of the presentation of the developers.

The subjects on which example paragraphs are usually written include ‘Social Factors in Modern Literature’, ‘Bengali Life, in Bengali Films’, ‘History in Plays’ and so forth.


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